Confirmed Workshops, Panelists, and Partnerships:

Women & Wealth Panel

The average entrepreneur has seven streams of income. Learn from millionaires, how they've increased their wealth through leveraging their careers, entrepreneurship, investing, and real estate. Live Q&A opportunities for the audience to have their questions addressed.

Marquita Eshun, CPA

Courtney Richardson, The Ivy Investor

Sonia Lewis, The Student Loan Doctor, LLC

The Business of Fashion

Will teach attendees about the business of fashion. People get distracted by social media and loose sight of the foundation of being a retail business owner. I have taught at LIM college for the past 2 semesters as a guest speaker, and the students were not clear on how to accurately price their inventory, the importance of being an LLC, how to file their taxes, making their designs and brand stand out from the competition, and which fabric works best for your consumer. As a celebrity wardrobe stylist, I have learned that customer service and knowing your demographic is a major key. So I will be completely open, honest and transparent about my experience in retail for the past 15 years. Attendees will leave with tangible worksheets and advice that will help grow their business mentally, spiritually and financially. 

Shani J., Saints & Bombshells

Boss Builder-Build Your Tribe in 30 Days

Everyone has the same question. How do I get the people? How do I build my following or what many call a “tribe”? If you want to build a movement around your brand, product, ideal,ect - this is the class for you. You’ll discover the 5 Ingredients to building a contagious community that everyone wants to be apart of. You will walk away understanding the science of tribe building and the strategies that make people fall in love with brands and movements. Already have a large following but struggling to turn them into paying tribe members? We’ll tackle how to monetize your tribe - covering everything from core products and services to recurring tribe monetization like membership platforms and more. You won’t just understand how to build it but how to keep it and monetize it!

Genesis Dorsey, Author & Entrepreneur

Sales Funnel Workshop on Spying to Buying: How to Convert Lookers & Lurkers

Cici Gunn, The Six Figure Chick

Act Like an Entrepreneur, Market Like a Corporation

Presented by K. Renee Ward

Becoming a Real Estate Investor Panel

Have you been pondering becoming a real estate investor, but don't know where to start? Are you concerned you don't know enough, make enough, have enough saved, or a big enough credit score? This panel will discuss the easiest ways to get into real estate, common mistakes

Shawn Bullard, Real Estate Investor

Marquita Eshun, CPA

Aisha Murray, Her Holdings LLC

The Creatively Successful Entrepreneur

Attendees will receive a step by step walk-through of how to use your creative talents to become successful, along with a complimentary download of the Creatively Successful E-book. You'll also learn tips + importance of incorporating self- love in business, and a bonus self-love meditation segment.

Tiana Allen, The Wellness Sanctuary, Inc

Podcasting 101

Attendees will learn the basics of creating, taping, and launching an award winning podcast series with no prior experience.

Presented by The Growth Goal Podcast and Alycia Kinchloe, Esq.

How to Build Your Own App for FREE

Attendees will learn how to expand their brand by creating a mobile app. This app is free to create and can be used for iOS and Android. No coding required. 

Presented by BB Digital Online

MotherLoad; a Panel for Working Mothers

Moderated by Christine Michel Carter, Forbes Contributor and Marketing Strategist

Wealth & Wellness: Building a Solid Fitness Brand

Zakia Blain, FBF Fitness

Sales 101: Pain Point to Profit

Attendees will learn which open ended questions are best to discover a prospective client's pain point and how to become a great active listener in the process. Participants will walk away with instruction on the CLAP process- Care more, Listen More, Ask More, Problem Solved. Understanding the CLAP process will drive higher revenue margins and better sales conversion.

Sonia Lewis, The Student Loan Doctor, LLC

How to Become a Full-Time Laptop Entrepreneur for Less Than $500

Attendees will learn a step by step system to transition from their 9-5 into a full-time laptop entrepreneur. We will walk through two business models that show how to flip a $500 investment into enough income to replace a typical 9-5 salary.

Yolanda Keels-Walker, The Business Babes

The Christian Entrepreneur

Attendees will learn how to take an idea to reality, follow God's call on your life, take literally concepts to publishing in 90 days, how I sold 400+ books using social media before my book launch, and time management strategies (Balancing corporate life and passion).

Charlitta Hatch, Me3 Project, LLC

Letting Go: How to Release the Past and Walk into Your Power

Attendees will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to live the life of their dreams.

Jean Fontaine, Powerhouse Unleashed LLC

How to Obtain Real Estate with NO Credit and $600

Attendees will learn how to begin real estate investing from the beginning stages. They will learn how to create an investment portfolio with no credit and minimal cash.

Jamisa McIvor, Rosebud Investments

Thriving in your Darkest Hour

Most people focus solely on the destination often times forgetting about the journey it takes to get there. Imagine if you took the time to appreciate the current state of where you are? This workshop will help place realistic goals on how to get to your desired destination you want to be at and appreciate being there without feeling burned out. You'll also learn and experience:

An intimate discussion on self-care and what resources are available to maintain your sanity .

Takeaways for developing an appreciation for where you are .

How to stop getting stuck and persevere through any obstacle .

Why clarity is so important in achieving exactly what you want in your business and your lifestyle

Sasha Nicole, Thriving In Your Now

Monetization Strategies for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Koereyelle DuBose, Werk, Pray, Slay

The Bottom Line that Pays Me

Attendees will learn how to Convert Leads into Profitable Opportunities and Monetization (What I know vs What I do)

Laisha Fox, LLF Consulting, LLC

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